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3 easy steps

How to Use DevI18n for Multi-Lingual Translations

Step-by-Step Guide


Upload Files

Upload the files you need to translate, such as JSON, XML, strings, ARB, or YAML.


Select Languages

Choose the source and target languages for translation.


Generate Translations

Click the generate button to produce the translations.

Key Features of DevI18n

Translate your app into multiple languages quickly to reach a global audience.

Fast Translation for Developers

DevI18n is designed to offer quick and reliable translations, minimizing the time developers spend on localization. Its speed and efficiency are critical for meeting tight deadlines and ensuring timely product releases.

Multi-Lingual Support

Supporting 26 different languages, DevI18n allows developers to cater to a global audience. This wide range of language support ensures that your software can reach and resonate with users from diverse linguistic backgrounds.

Integration with Development Workflows

DevI18n integrates seamlessly with existing development workflows. Whether you are using continuous integration (CI) pipelines or manual translation processes, DevI18n fits into your setup without disrupting your workflow.

Customizable Translation Options

With DevI18n, developers can customize translation settings to match their specific needs. This includes selecting preferred languages, adjusting translation quality, and tailoring output formats to fit different applications.

Efficiency in Localization

DevI18n streamlines the localization process, enabling developers to translate content quickly and accurately. This efficiency reduces the workload and allows teams to focus on core development tasks.

Time and Cost Savings

Automating the translation process with DevI18n saves both time and money. Developers can avoid the high costs associated with manual translations and the delays caused by traditional methods.

FAQs About DevI18n

What is DevI18n?

DevI18n is an online multi-lingual translator designed for developers, supporting fast and accurate translations of various file formats used in software development.

How does DevI18n support multi-lingual translation?

DevI18n uses advanced machine learning and NLP technologies to provide high-quality translations for 26 different languages, ensuring accuracy and contextual relevance.

Is DevI18n easy to integrate with development workflows?

Yes, DevI18n integrates seamlessly with existing development workflows, including CI pipelines and manual processes, without disrupting your workflow.

What file formats does DevI18n support?

DevI18n supports a wide range of file formats, including JSON, XML, strings, ARB, YAML, and more.

How many languages can DevI18n translate?

DevI18n supports translation in 26 different languages, making it a versatile tool for global applications.

What are the common uses for DevI18n?

DevI18n is commonly used for translating software strings, configuration files, user interface elements, and other multi-lingual content essential for software localization and internationalization (i18n) projects.